• Work Environment

    Office employees spend majority of their time inside work stations and offices, where the physical environments influence their well-being and directly influence their work performance and productivity. In the workplace, it is often assumed that employees who are more satisfied with the psychological and physical environment are more likely to produce better outcomes. Collaboration techniques, flexibility with employees, issues solving methodology are among a long list of criteria that help JEC to implement optimum psychological environment to help employees focus on the service. JEC applies a special methodology to control productivity elements instead of just pushing around to get things done on time. Our methodology incorporates the management of the following three items;

    1. Employees Favorite environment
    2. Work load in terms of time management
    3. Engineering service and related quality

    The early evaluation of those three items defines the expected quality of service to be provided under certain contract. Should the actual conditions extends a lower quality, our team leader(s) will immediately design an alternative work plan to ensure optimum quality of service by maintaining the most favorite working conditions for our employees, fair distribution of work and the best engineering service as a priority.

    In terms of physical work conditions; Temperature, air quality, lighting and noise conditions in the office affect the work concentration and productivity. Numerous studies have consistently demonstrated that characteristics of the physical office environment can have a significant effect on behavior, perceptions and productivity of employees.