• Management Services

    JAWDA believe in its source of power consisting of high technical knowledge and ability to
    apply best practices that ensure high efficiency across disciplines within different industries.
    JAWDA possesses highly qualified and experienced consulting team who introduce and
    implement modern management systems that help organizations improving its business
    practices and achieving its strategic objectives through a deep and detailed understanding and
    diagnosis of organizational challenges on the current business, process and people levels &
    identifying needed initiatives that would address all perspectives.
    Services provided:

    •  Organizational Hierarchy Structure:
      JAWDA consulting team offer full support in setting and defining organization hierarchy
      according to the company strategy and the industry best practices and linking the structure to
      strategic directions while translating the strategy into objectives and goals that are realistic and
      conformant with the strategy.
    • Policies & Procedures:
      Since at JAWDA we believe that each member in any organization should (say what he do and
      do what he say), we create policies and procedures that describe and document the business
      processes internal activities in the organization this include job profiles and framework for
      decision making that is designed primarily to assign authorities for key decisions.
    •  Performance Management System:
      “What you cannot measure, you cannot manage” Peter Drucker
      Performance Management system play a crucial role for organization , employee & manager,
      through a solid hands-on experience with performance management systems design and
      implementation, JAWDA Consulting team assist clients in guiding the organization toward the
      achievement of its objectives and goals & supporting business strategies through designing,
      introducing and implementing a process which emphasizes performance planning, two-way
      communication, regular performance feedback and employees’ development.
      As a part of the system implementation, the consulting team conduct workshops for raters on
      how to set KPIs, measurable objectives, avoiding evaluating errors and conducting effective
      performance review.
    • Assessing Cultures, Leadership, Employees Engagement & Satisfaction
      Since the company culture determines its directions and affect strategy, our consulting team
      assist clients identifying how the company measures on areas such as employee engagement,
      satisfaction, management/leadership effectiveness and working environment.

    Our Engineering service is professionally sustained in terms of project schedule, client budget
    and related value engineering scope.

    Our project management items incorporates;

    • Analysis of objectives.
    • Cost planning (cost and value management).
    •  Programming by primavera.
    •  Change control.
    •  Progress measurement.
    •  Value of work done.
    •  Risk management.
    •  Interim payment and milestone payments.
    •  Mitigation planning and commissioning.
    •  Value management.

    We provide consulting, implementation and training services in the following areas:

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14000
    •  OHSAS 18001
    •  ISO 27000
    •  Total quality management (TQM)
    •  Total productive maintenance (TPM)