• Infrastructure

    This service is done in collaboration with Civil Cad Group

    Jawda provides a range of infrastructure Engineering, consulting and advisory services for rail
    projects. Our advisory and consulting services includes strategy planning, Alternative studies
    and technical assessment, EIA, social and economic impacts studies, investment analysis,
    and management frameworks.
    Our engineering studies includes, civil, structure, MEP, Electrical studies, rail systems,
    telecommunication and tunnel systems etc…

    Jawda is providing an extended know how of infrastructure projects starting by feasibility
    studies, civil works, drainage activities, storm water drainage, flood risk assessment, etc…
    Our civil team is providing all necessary design and calculations including with no limitations;
    earthworks, profile design, sections, footway and shoulders,
    We deliver solutions for several bridge types and highways including:

    •  Girder bridges
    • Pedestrian bridges
    • Cable stayed bridges
    •  Post-tensioned segmental bridges
    •  Steel beam and box girder bridges
    • Geometric Design of Highways (links, intersections, parking areas, etc.) and Airports.
    • Pavement Design of Highways and Airports.
    • Supervision and quality control of highway construction.
    •  Highway maintenance studies.
    •  Laboratory Testing of Highway Construction materials
    •  Design of Bituminous mixtures.
    •  Preparation of tender documents.
    •  Research projects in the field of highway engineering
    •  Detailed design and documentation
    •  BIM modelling of bridges