• Energy Generation

    JEC with our International Partner (JEC & IP) offer comprehensive power plant design and
    engineering services, as well as preconstruction services to assist our clients in developing
    scope, cost, and schedule for project execution.
    JEC&IP provide technical support regarding design of a new facility, upgrading of an existing
    facility or even modernization of an existing facility to achieve new governmental criteria. Our
    scope of services include;
    1. Initial Definitive Study Planning and Implementation
    2. Feasibility Studies

    • Plant throughput.
    •  Plant location.
    •  Onsite production of additives.
    •  Availability of local supplies of materials.

    3. Process Engineering

    • Testwork
    •  Process design
    •  Plant layout
    •  Piping
    •  Control Systems Engineering

    4. Mechanical, Civil, Structural and Architectural Engineering
    5. Electrical Engineering
    6. Loss Prevention
    7. Environmental and Permitting
    8. Mining
    9. Constructability and Logistics
    10. Procurement
    11. Development of Capital and Operating Cost
    12. Development of the Project Schedule
    13. Value Engineering and Risk Assessment
    14. Project Execution Plan
    15. Final Report

    JEC with our International Partner (JEC & IP) provide an integrated service for all type of solar station including photovoltaic solar energy plant, solar thermal energy plant and concentrating power plants. Our activities include with no limitation;

    •  Support customers for preparation of pre-bid technical documents
    •  Providing pre-design and engineering support for investors with financial model on
      feasibility on investments
    • Selection of right technology
    • Provide engineering advisory support to developers as owner’s engineer’s role to make sure on the design of power plants is the best.
    • Provide complete detailed design & Engineering support to EPC
    • Design support to all capacity of plants starting from small rooftop projects till Multi-Mega Watt solar power plants

    Detailed Engineering Scope
    Our Design & Engineering services include every aspect of technical documentation:

    • Site feasibility and energy estimation
    • General solar plant layout
    • PV simulation with possible option and PR calculations
    • Shadow analysis of the complete plant using PV system
    • DC string design (SLD), DC cable routing
    • Detailed cable schedule with voltage drop calculations
    • DC earthing drawing, Power loss calculations at each stage (DC, AC, Evaluation)

    Our quality services include:

    • Site selection for solar power plants
    •  Solar resource review and preliminary assessment
    •  Solar data gathering, interpretation and analysis
    • Modelling and annual energy yield estimates

    Post contract engineering
    We play an instrumental role in developing strategies, design and offering diverse range of services for Lenders / Owners / Developers / EPC Contractors to get seamless integration of their efforts and rewards.

    • Detailed Engineering service for lenders / owners / developers / EPC
    • Review engineering service for lenders / owners / developers / EPC
    • Project co-ordination service for lenders / owners / developers / EPC

    JEC with our International Partner (JEC & IP) provide an integrated service for all type wind farms including land based wind farm and off shore wind. Our activities include without limitation;
    Our activities for the Engineering and Design of wind farms include;

    •  Survey of the site
    •  Specifying the positions of wind turbines
    •  Determining the layout of the turbines
    •  The optimum position for the construction of substation/s.
    • Connection between substations within the site with medium voltage cabling.
    • Connection of Substation/s to Power Grid scope

    JEC is providing an integrated grid study services for both solar station and wind farms. Our activities include with no limitation;
    1. Grid Impact Static study

    2. Grid Impact Dynamic Study, including:

    •  Voltage Fluctuation
    •  Active Power Control
    •  Reactive Power Control
    •  Fault Ride Through

    3. Power Quality Study, including:

    •  Flicker Calculations
    •  Harmonics Calculations
    •  Voltage Unbalance

    4. Grid Protection Study, including:

    •  Relays Coordination
    •  Relays setting