• JAWDA Profile

    JEC was founded on 2001 in Saudi Arabia then extended in Egypt by the current Directors on 2006. JAWDA is an international consultancy providing a comprehensive range of integrated consultancy, Design and management services.

    Our flexible and multi-disciplinary approach enables us to provide an independent service in four key areas; consulting, design, management and planning. This depth and expertise ensures that we provide excellence at all levels, whatever our clients’ requirements.

    We have the prime objective of providing high quality performance, customer satisfaction and timely completion of its contractual obligations at fair and competitive time intervals.

    Our internal organization enables us to develop project teams to precisely match the needs of our clients.

    Within integrated approach and our associates, we are able to draw from the pools of skills and experience throughout the whole company and benefit from the fluidity of knowledge and people around the business.

    The Company along with its associates are proud of their record of providing high-quality service to the worldwide business community.


    Why are we different?

    • High-skilled team with over 15 years of experience in management
    • Strong partnerships with international agencies
    • Focused on delivering results
    • Helping local small business reaching their goals
    • Complete service including strategy and growth consulting, customer strategy creation, tax consulting and mergers and acquisitions
    • Helping you define your business goals and steps to achieve them Explore our services